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Tuesday, June 7, 2016

I Need God in Every Minute of Each Day!

by Julie Brooks

Being aware that God is in every moment of my life.  That's how I see GOD'S MIRACLE MINUTES; praising God and binding the enemy in the very same moment!

It is an intentional exercise, and a habit developed, and five years later...I still have to be intentional.

But in each day there are 1,440 minutes, and in each moment the possibility of experiencing a miracle of God; God's Miracle see His work on our behalf.

WE know the enemy can't touch us when we are praising our mighty God!  Amen!

So,what was the first miracle minute of my day?  So glad you asked.  I woke up in an air conditioned house!  One miracle minute recognized and 1,439 to go for today!  Amen!