Not A Day Promised

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Wednesday, January 2, 2019

I Still Miss the Sound of Your Voice

by Todd Brooks

Be it not for the grace of Jesus Christ, I would be undone. 

Each day,
grief wakes with me,
walks with me,
clouds my vision...
steals pieces of joy. 

grief will not win in the end, for my God is
greater than my grief
and sorrow
and fear
and uncertainty
and depression
and weakness
and suffering.

He can walk on water,
He can raise the dead,
He can hold all things in even one hand
and most amazing of all,
He chased after me,
the one that ran away,
leaving behind the ninety-nine;
never failing to continue His love pursuit...
until catching me before I fell.

Though grief may continue to daily flow under me, so will the presence of his Majesty, the One who saved me, and He will continue to intercede and prevail against all evil on my behalf. For victory is His, and He is mine.

Thanks to the Son, I will see my son again. Amen.