Not A Day Promised

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increase in learning, and the one who understands obtain guidance." Proverbs 1:5

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Even the Signs Cry Out

by Julie Brooks

Today, as I was driving to my Mom and Dad's house in Temple, I had no idea that it would be an extended 3-hour trip in the car alone with the Lord! And, in those 3 hours, I loved how God showed me so many random Miracle Minutes! I hope you can follow me on this journey.

As I set out, l saw several flocks of birds at different times.God has been connecting me with His sweet winged creatures that remind me of Carson, who once told me that his bipolar made him feel like a bird with broken wings. So, when I see a flock of birds, I think of Carson, who took his life; but, because he was a born-again Christian, he is now whole and his wings are no longer broken. Amen.

As I traveled on, I got stuck in traffic, but I decided that was actually God, giving me a break and an opportunity to look at my surroundings.

I spotted a QT sign and was immediately blessed to realize this delay was His gift to me; to have a quiet time with Him. 

Soon after, I saw a U-HAUL sign, perhaps God reminding me that when we know the Lord, we don't have to haul around our burdens. He has promised to do that. With that promise to us, comes the responsibility to follow HIS example to haul others' burdens. (Of course, my mind goes straight to those with mental illness and their families.)

I came upon a "Bridge May Be Icy" sign, to me a picture of those with mental illness that struggle to come to church; coming to be loved and understood by the church, but many times feeling they are walking on ice, slipping, with seemingly no supporting hand out to them. How will they fit into a church setting? 

As I approach a "Slow Down Road Work Ahead" sign, I consider how we can become so wrapped up in our own lives that we can't feel the prompting of the Holy Spirit to slow down, so we can better see those struggling and hurting in silence; instead, their faces are easily blocked out of our minds as we speed ahead so fast that we can't see them.

As I enter a Work Zone, I can make out a Traffic Fines Double sign, such a relevant reminder that if I rush, I may miss what God is really trying to show me after all.

A few miles later, I pass an HEB store sign, and I'm ever thankful that He engages us as Believers, and I know that CVS pharmacy sign immediately after is His profound promise that the battle is not mine but it is Christ versus satan. Praise God!

And, as my trip home nears its end, I cross over a bridge, traveling on different sections of concrete, all connected together to take me over a river.  I see plainly and am thankful then, that my God uses even sections of simple and creative ways to connect His thoughts to mine.  Seek Him in all things.  God is good (all the time).