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In Memory of Carson Chandler Brooks

He was a wonderful...


And although he passed from this life way too early, at age 18, on July 12, 2010, to this day, many who knew him, knew of him, and many who have come to know of him since his passing, still visit In Memory of Carson Chandler Brooks on Facebook; for solace, encouragement, to share a word or two, to celebrate the saving grace of Jesus Christ. 

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  1. He went to Hell that's all I gotta say he killed himself shouldn't feel sorry

    1. Carson was a sweet loving young man, who believed in "GOD" a true christen.... We love him and truly miss him. My GOD bless you.

      Family friend,

    2. Thank you, Anonymous. God knows who you are, and I pray that He blesses you for blessing us with your post. Carson's Dad.

    3. Thinking of the whole family on this day...

    4. Shame on you. Take your negativity somewhere else. God loves all his children and since he was a strong follower and accepted him into his life, that's enough to get into heaven. Carson of all people deserved to

    5. Some Christian you are. We're called to exemplify Christ in all ways. Is that what you think comments like this are doing? You think they advance the Kingdom of God. Disgraceful.

    6. How Christian of you. You CLEARLY know Jesus, it's clear by the hateful content of your post. This is a family's child and a good friend of mine. If there IS truly a merciful and loving God--then I'll definitely get to whoop your ass in a cage fight in Heaven one day. If there IS a Heavenly would shame him with this comment. Too bad I can't actually find out who you are, bc you're too scared to post your words under your OWN name

      But if your Heaven-bound...then I'll be seeing you soon. 😘 --CG

    7. CG - Thank you for your passionate defense of Carson and our family. It takes courage to stand up for Jesus! Do not let your heart be troubled.

      I don't have all answers to all questions. I don't believe God would put such great burden on any of us. Yet, by faith I believe, which gives me Hope to cope with such disparaging and hopeless remarks flung my way.

      I believe Anonymous 5/21/2013 struggles to find something to hope in, searching for rest, not wanting to give himself permission to grieve what continues to be fleeting to him; for grieving to him is a sign of weakness. To him, he must always be strong; to not feel that what will be, can only be if he makes it so.

      I say though, for a Christian, even under heavy burden, we will still have Hope, hope in the One above the fray, the One above pain, the One above control; the One above all.

      To Anonymous 5/21/2013, I will wager with you that receiving Jesus Christ as your Savior will create in you a new person. Take me up on this wager. I say you have nothing to lose. Your own way has not settled you. Cry out your pain to Jesus. Only He can give you the rest you seek.

      Rules prevail under sin. Forgiveness prevails under Grace. If you believe in Him, He will extend His grace to you, and when your appointed time comes, whenever and under whatever circumstances, you will never want again for all eternity.

      Anonymous 5/21/2013, if you give your heart to Jesus, He will change you for the rest of your life on this earth!

      I pray you will take my bet. If I am wrong, you lose nothing; you remain the same. If I win, you still win, for you will be come a new creation; part of a new family, God's family, for all eternity, even after your final breath on this earth. That's the only win/win bet I know of. Everlasting life is yours just for the asking.

  2. Anonymous,

    I don't feel sorry for Carson. I miss him, and I still love him, but I don't feel sorry for him.

    While some religious denominations believe that anyone who commits suicide goes to hell, I would challenge them to support their claim biblically. I have found no such reference.

    I believe I can easily point to multiple scripture references that support my interpretation; if you are interested.

    More importantly, though, I want you to know that I believe once God's forgiveness is extended, His Grace covers all sins; the past, the now, the future. And, I don't believe He took that Grace back from Carson. Carson asked Jesus Christ to forgive him for his sins and acknowledged Jesus as the one true God at age 7. Even then, God knew of the exact day and time Carson would take his own life. God's grace covered even that decision.

    Now, if you don't believe in Jesus Christ, then you certainly will not agree with me. However, if you proclaim yourself a Christian, please respond back and explain how you reached the conclusion you state in your comment.

    If by chance you choose not to validate your claim, then at least remember that I've told you the following: Jesus Christ stated clearly in the Bible to his disciples, "I am the Way, the Truth and the Life; no one comes to the Father (God) but by me." There is only one God in my belief, my faith. He is bigger than any sin man can commit, and His invitation to spend all eternity with Him is available for all who proclaim themselves sinners and He as their Savior. If you want to know the Way, the Truth and the Life, call out to Him.

    Here's my email address if you'd like to contact me privately.

    Thank you for taking time to visit and comment.

    Todd Brooks (Carson's dad)

  3. "Whoever seeks to keep his life will lose it, and whoever loses his life will preserve it." - Luke 17:33

    1. May the Lord bless whoever shared this post. Thanks. Carson's Dad.

  4. So I guess you can go around killing people if you ask for forgiveness? Hell must be pretty empty. ......

    1. Do you plan on asking for forgiveness because you feel the need to harass this family? Dont pass judgement on others when your slate is far from clean.

  5. Anonymous. God knows the heart of the man that cries out for mercy in desperate times. He knows the sincerity of a man's plea. I believe Jesus the Christ, the Lord of lords and King of kings that I speak of DOES have the prerogative to pardon sin; even the sin of murder. But, what I speak of must be foolishness to you. I pray that you will come out from under the Law (Mosaic) and experience forgiveness of sin that can only be had by the grace of Jesus Christ. By faith are you saved, not by any doing of yourself. If you will give your life to Him, your eyes will be opened, and you will know hope in times of otherwise despair, in a way that you simply will not understand. The Bible says that our ways are not His ways, that His ways transcend all human understanding. Thank you for your candidness. You take care.

  6. Hi Todd!
    I just read your lovely words to Kara Tippetts on her site ( and felt led to your page and your story. I have not experienced anything near as painful and faith testing as you have with the loss of your son, and I can only imagine how heavy the weight of that grief has been. It hurts my heart and makes me sick, though, to read the salt-in-the-wound comments of "Anonymous" above and know that you've had to bear that ache and battle on top of everything else. So I'm writing, not to drudge up old pain, but to hopefully be another voice to stand with you instead of against you and your Carson, and to encourage your heart and the beautiful Christ-like grace you've shown in your responses. What a great daddy you're being! Thank you for being bold to proclaim God's goodness & light in the midst of your hard & dark. May you be upheld and encouraged at just the right times and in just the right ways as your continue your journey of healing and pressing harder into Jesus.
    Hugs from afar,

  7. Deborah,

    Your comments are a soothing balm to me. Bless you!

  8. Hi Todd and Julie,
    I too came to your site from Kara's website, as did Deborah (and I concur with her comments). As someone who now has many loved ones living in heaven, I've spent a lot of time thinking about the fact that a believer's last day on earth instantly becomes the most incredible day of his/her life!! It's such an odd juxtaposition, isn't it? The stabbing grief you feel when you lose someone suddenly, and yet, and yet, there is comfort knowing that they are fully alive, and experiencing a joy that we can't even comprehend.
    As a parent, I can understand how eager God is to see each of his children and embrace them, but I hadn't really thought about the preparation or anticipation that occurs before someone enters heaven, and yet that fits with Jesus' words that he is going to prepare a place and other scriptures. Thank you for painting such a beautiful word picture of heaven - a true gift to Kara and Jason, as well as so many readers like myself.
    I love the fact that as I'm praying to the Father who loves us both, although I don't know you, he knows you intimately. I am praying that the God who delights in you, will surprise you and let you feel his love in unexpected ways as you continue on your journey, until the day when you can hug Carson again.

    1. Anonymous,

      We are so thankful that you took the time to write to us! May the hope we have as Christ followers precede any fear of the unknown, including death, that we have. Let us share with one another and remind one another of this. He is risen, and because He lives, we have life everlasting with Him, on earth and in Heaven. May God richly bless you for sharing His name today.