Not A Day Promised

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increase in learning, and the one who understands obtain guidance." Proverbs 1:5

Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Come and See

by Julie Brooks

"Noel" by Lauren Daigle!

This heart becomes flush and tears flow each time I hear it. (I play it a lot...)

I hear Lauren begging us all not to miss the greatest thing that God has done! She is so passionate with this message. When I think of all the people that don't get the true gift of Christmas, JESUS, more tears flow.

My mind just as easily turns to the millions struggling with mental illness, addiction, and those that will inevitably commit suicide because they see no way to stop the pain in this existence.

As if by loud speaker, the lyrics of Lauren's song roar forth, "Noel! Noel! Come and see the miracles that God has done;" He created us and all that is around us.

Much like Mary and Joseph experienced when no one offered them shelter, warmth or care...but why, God created EVERYONE, each and every one an unrepeatable MIRACLE!

I  don't understand how anyone can look up, see the wonderment of the stars at night and not believe in God. That's what Carson would say when he experienced such wonderment in the seemingly unending night sky at his Uncle & Aunt's ranch!

Stop and think just how often we fail to acknowledge the Miraculous God that got us here!

And, how many times do we choose to walk by somebody who is God's Miracle, an unrepeatable miracle, created in His image, but struggles with a mental illness?

Noel! Come. Please come & see what the Lord has done...and what He wants to do thru you. 🙏