Not A Day Promised

Battling mental illness through education and resources. "Let the wise hear and
increase in learning, and the one who understands obtain guidance." Proverbs 1:5

Helpful Topics

  • What is Depression? Depression is the leading cause of disability in the world; in the United States, close to ten percent of adults struggle with the disease. But because it’s a mental illness, it can be a lot harder to understand than, say, high cholesterol. Helen M. Farrell examines the symptoms and treatments of depression, and gives some tips for how you might help a friend who is suffering.  (4min28sec)                
  • What is bipolar disorder?  The word bipolar means ‘two extremes.’  For the many millions experiencing bipolar disorder around the world, life is split between two different realities: elation and depression.  So what causes this disorder? And can it be treated? Helen M. Farrell describes the root causes and treatments for bipolar disorder.  (5min57sec)                                                                   
  • Mental illness and the role of the Church.  Matthew Stanford, PhD, 2014 Peace of Mind Conference, Tyler, TX.  Matt is the CEO of the Hope and Healing Center & Institute in Houston, TX. Be sure to check out his Bio on their website. Matt's 30 minutes will shock you with concrete statistical data, share relevant Bible stories that reveal what God's heart is for the mentally ill, and most importantly, what we (the local Church) are supposed to do for the people that God is sending to our churches:  1) Relieve Suffering, 2) Reveal Christ and 3) Restore Lives.  (34min50sec) 
  • Students and Suicide Prevention.  This conversation between Kay Warren and Saddleback's Junior High Pastor, Katie Sadler Edwards, on preventing youth suicide is a must-watch for parents and youth pastors! #MHM2017  (39min22sec)
  • Don't Tell Me How to Grieve.  Pastor Rick and Kay Warren, founders of Saddleback Church, lost their son, Matthew, to suicide, April 5, 2013.  Julie and I had and continue to have the same unfortunate real experience of losing our son, Carson Chandler Brooks, to suicide on July 12, 2010.  Our perspective on grief and grieving was forever changed on that date.  This video reflects perhaps the best personal presentation on grief and grieving that we have seen to date.  (51min13sec)        
  • Sitting on the Edge of Hell. Kay Warren, co-founder of Saddleback Church, and mourning Mom of Matthew, tells her raw and real feelings about Matthew's death in her 4/17/2018 blog. It's the place where you as a mom stare down the enemy trying to destroy your child and know that your superpowers are not enough to guarantee your child’s survival. Your love may not be enough to save him. Your hours of anguished, fervent prayer may not be enough to save her. Your tears may not be enough. Your money may not be enough. Your carefully thought through, researched and detailed plans may not be enough. There is hardly any place worse as a parent who adores a child and yet recognizes the enemy is relentless and cruel and implacable.


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