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Monday, August 13, 2012

Carson Moments

by Julie Brooks
I am reminded of the pain of losing Carson as I visit with a friend that lost her son to suicide not quite one year ago. 

I can see how God gives us empathy and understanding, only by going through painful events in our lives; events that we really don't want to go through, but events that our almighty God can take and use for His glory! 

But, the moment the pain of losing Carson comes through in memories, from nowhere, as a reality, it is almost unbearable...  

I call them my "Carson moments"; times when the hole in my heart seems unrepairable.

But I cry and cry out to the Lord, to restore my thinking and the joy that only the Lord can give us through His grace! 

This is not a post of sadness but one of reality.  Just a reminder that there are hurting people all around us. 

We must put on God's 3D glasses (Father, Son and Holy Spirit glasses), because there are people suffering, waiting for someone to reach out to them!  

May God issue you your own 3D glasses. They are free when you accept Jesus as your personal just have to use them!  Amen!!


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