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increase in learning, and the one who understands obtain guidance." Proverbs 1:5

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Word Picture - Leaning Trees Stand Tall

by Julie Brooks

Pierce and I just returned from an awesome week at Sr. High Fellowship Church camp at Allaso Ranch in Hawkins, TX.  While there, I was able to take some walks and soak in all of God's beautiful creations. 

The campgrounds are surrounded with gorgeous, tall, perfectly formed East Texas pine trees. They all appear to stand tall and perfect form. 

But, in the midst of their perfection, there would be a few trees that were leaning.  You didn't really notice them, unless you made a point to direct your sight their way. 

God gave me a word picture.  I met a lot of awesome kids while at camp, but God allowed me to see some kids with hidden disabilities.  They became my focus because they are like the leaning trees in the group of perfectly formed trees.  

With just a little encouragement, they began to see themselves as standing tall and straight. They are the real heroes because they are able to continue standing tall, even with their hidden disabilities.

I will forever be drawn to those GOD allows me to meet; to be sensitive to and encourage, because God has a purpose for ALL of us, and He sees us standing tall even when others see us differently. 

Praising God as He allows me to see those leaning in another direction.