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increase in learning, and the one who understands obtain guidance." Proverbs 1:5

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

The Church Can be the Change

by Julie Brooks

I was looking at some pictures of our October trip last year to California to attend the ‪#‎Hope4mentalhealth‬ Conference at Saddleback Church.

This picture says it all! We wrote Carson's name and drew a heart in the sand, but it was all gone by the time the Pacific tide came in. 

I have cried buckets of tears for my sweet boy. 

I have learned that just like the tide I can't control things that happen.  But, I can ‪#‎liveWITHOUTregrets‬ and continue to do what God has called me to do; be an advocate for the mentally ill, be a ready and compassionate friend to someone who is struggling, be fearless in God's strength to educate others or whatever the Lord wants me to do.

And, share with other Christians and local churches that they CAN be the change and answer we need in our broken mental health system.

The tide may have washed away your name Carson Brooks, but I will continue to love and miss you, and tell your story...Mom.


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