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Monday, February 20, 2017

Post Suicide Care - The First Week

by Julie Brooks

I just learned of yet another young person's suicide in our area. I don't know the youth or their family. But, it doesn't matter. 

I can still pray and remember what those first few weeks of shock and fog felt like when we lost Carson.

First, I ask you to lift up this family, and other families you know of and don't know of, who are left only with memories. Ask the Lord to cover them with HIS custom made grace, for His grace is always perfect and greater than our faith. 

Secondly, I pray that others who know the family will respond. Understand that this family will not know what they need in the midst of this devastating crisis. 

The Lord is always present, but this is where you can become the hands and feet of Jesus. If you feel led to help them, just do it.

The following list can be a good start:

1) Disposable plates, utensils, cups, individual bottled water, tissue paper, paper towels toilet paper, hand sanitizer; staple goods, etc. These could be left on the porch as not to disturb the family.

2) Stop and deliver small nutritious snacks, high in protein; i.e., mixed nuts/trail mix, dried fruit, granola bars, pretzels and cheese, yogurt, etc. They won't feel like eating, and may need to be reminded to eat and stay hydrated.

3) If it needs it, show up and mow their grass.

4) Transportation to and from the funeral home.

5) Run some errands.

6) Do they need someone to just be there at the house for comfort; just being there, perhaps even without saying anything.

7) Make phone calls, arrangements, etc., if needed.

And most of all, PRAY for them and the lifelong journey they are beginning. 

At around 3-4 weeks, the shock and fog will begin to lift, the pain and grieving will become reality, fewer people will tend to be available to the family. They will still need to be checked on. The pain and struggle of grief is real and raw.

These are just a few suggestions from one who has received such favor from Him through friends.

Thank you. God will honor our prayers!