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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

God Cares About The Smallest Details

by Julie Brooks

I love this picture because it reminds me of all that we have around us to thank the Lord for!

Of course, I also love that there is a Greyhound in the picture. Look how much fun he is having with something we usually complain about having to rake up...leaves.

God could have made trees with colorless leaves, but we serve a God who is into every detail. I'm sure He is hopeful that we will notice how color coordinated His leaves are.

I always say that the Lord allows the evergreen trees to stand out among the other trees, who have lost all their leaves during the winter. I like to think He is rewarding the evergreen trees for weathering the cold winter. They keep their green leaves. They remain beautiful to remind us that we can hang on and make a difference for Him, even when it might not be under the best of conditions (winter). 

And, for those poor ugly trees that are waiting on their leaves to come back after the long winter, they come back dressed in new leaves, some with the most beautifully colorful blooms.

I am so thankful that God cares about the smallest details...which is why we can trust Him when we are going through a winter season in our life. 

I will punctuate that with a Hallelujah! ❤


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