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Friday, September 22, 2017

Attitude of Gratitude

by Julie Brooks

Today, I choose an attitude of gratitude for everything the Lord has given me!

As I go thru my day, I pray God will direct my attention to the smallest of details that are His blessings, like: 

- My Salvation and my eternal assurance of going to Heaven when I die
- My wonderful husband Todd Brooks
- Our 5 children and their spouses
- Our 6 grandmiracles
- My extended family too!

And, more: 
- My daily devotional
- Christian music
- The birds singing (God's free radio)
- My eye sight to see all the beauty God has created
- Our house
- Our furry family members
- Coffee and tea
- A treadmill
- Shoe laces to keep my tennis shoes on

And, on and on, with the smallest of things we often take for granted.

Today, I will ask God to allow my eyes to focus on His Miracle Minutes. 

Today, there is going to be a lot of praising going on, because I'm on a treasure hunt for an attitude of gratitude!  Amen!


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