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increase in learning, and the one who understands obtain guidance." Proverbs 1:5

Friday, September 14, 2018

I Talk About Mental Illness Too Much

by Julie Brooks

There isn't a day that goes by that God continues to confirm my calling to the untouched mission field of mental illness.

It is a very lonely calling, but I know there is HOPE, where God is opening doors for hurting people. 

Some say I talk about mental illness too much...but I don't think that could ever be the case. 

Will silence ever make others aware of the red flags children and other youth are already exhibiting? Will we continue to overlook their symptoms of distress? What symptoms you ask? Exactly.

Educating others about mental illness and suicide awareness is a must, so that others can begin to perceive and react to what they cannot now see. We are missing so much by not including those with mental Illness. What mental illness you ask? Exactly.

I find that few really want to believe that I receive a phone call almost every week, letting me know of an attempted suicide, or worse, that someone was successful in taking their own life. 

One call was from someone I'd never met. One referred to me by a friend. One who learned her close friend had just taken her own life. Her close friend left 2 children behind.

It seems that suicide has become so common that many have become numb to the shock, the pain, the loss; it's not my problem...don't really think twice about it.

I get it. If you have not lost a child, you cannot fathom the lifelong grieving, the life change beset a parent that has experienced such

But, this Mom's life has been changed forever! I cannot go back to who I use to be, because a part of me is missing!! Carson Brooks. I will not be silent. I will continue to run this race set before me.

"He who has ears to hear, let him hear." Is the Lord calling you to join me?


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