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Monday, March 3, 2014

Giver of Grace

By Julie Brooks, R.N. and Warrior-ette in God's Mental Health Army,

Today, with all the "WHITE" STUFF" outside I am reminded of a few things:

1)  I am blessed by Jesus Christ, who shed His grace on me, that I might be forgiven my sins, and that I have accepted His free gift of salvation for all of eternity.  He has made me whiter than snow.  Amen!

2)  As a Christian, I can feel the warmth of God's presence when I choose to tap into it.  Just by praying and inviting Him into my day, and of course His minutes...that can become transformed into miracles (see my August 2012 Post, "God's 'Miracle Minutes').  What a blessing!

3)  The cold weather reminds me of those struggling with mental illness.  Even on the sunniest of days, their minds seem (sometimes) "frozen" in pain; waiting for God to bring someone who wants to come along side them, sit with them, listen, and let them know they and God love them - just the way they are.  Someone who is also willing to journey with them to find help and hope for them.  Think of them as a family member left out in the would want for them God's warmth and your caring attention.

4)  There is so much we can do to help decrease the chill in their life: a smile, asking, "Are you feeling okay today?", just noticing them, asking how their day has been...and truly focusing on their answer.

5)  Asking the Lord to help us be His "heater" for them, to warm their heart from the inside out. Realizing that your selfless time with them is treasure being stored for us in heaven, realizing with excitement that our time given could result in their asking Jesus into their lives!

6)  On a personal note, the chill of this weather reminds me of the "Carson hole" I have in my heart.  No matter the amount of coats or blankets I have over me, a chilling wind freely blows through when this hole is open...and I am reminded how much I miss him...but I am also reminded of God's grace that puts His supernatural bandage on my heart...encouragement that one day, when I get to Heaven, I will no longer need God's bandage on my heart...because it will be made whole the day I see Carson.

7)  I pray whoever reads this knows that their selfless time spent on someone struggling with a mental illness WILL make a difference for him or her; and for them as well, for they become a giver of grace!  

Use God's 3D glasses to see those, and educate yourself in how to help instead of just walking by leaving that child of God without a blanket and God's warmth.  We.  You, can make a difference, one by one! 

Missing you Carson Chandler Brooks!  I will never grow tired of helping God spread His message of hope!  AMEN!


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