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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

The Martin's House

By Julie Brooks

For Mother's Day a couple of years ago I wanted a Purple Martin bird house.  They are the only birds that depend strictly on humans for their habitat.  

They are in our area from about March to July or so and then leave; time enough to greatly help curb the mosquito population and of course add new members to their family.  

Incredibly, the next year, they come right back to the same bird house (apartment).  Before they return we clean out their living quarters, so they come back to a clean home.

Purple Martins usually don't share their dwelling space with any other type of bird.  But, every year so far, our visiting Martins have allowed a sparrow couple to build a nest in another part of the bird house complex.

God just reminded me that this is a picture of how He wants us to be hospitable to others; others that may not look like or act like us.  I'm reminded also that He gives us opportunities to represent His love in human flesh.

The Bible says that we may never know when we might be entertaining angels He has sent our way!  I hope I can always be like my feathered friends and be the welcoming arms of Jesus!

P.S.  If you click to open the picture, you'll see a Purple Martin on the left side...he must be the greeter!


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