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Sunday, November 28, 2021

Carson's Gift

by Julie Brooks

We are slowly putting things back up on the walls. Sam (Nicole's husband) did such an incredible job with custom wood work and new paint in our Study.

Some things you just know you will always have hanging in your house; like this door Todd repainted gray yesterday.

Carson, like all my kids and Todd know how much I love doors and windows.

It was the love Carson had for me, that he was so determined to get this full sized screen door (that was in someone's trash) in his little car. If you look closely, you will see the door has been sawed right down the middle. 

Carson was a determined soul. He wasn't going to let having a small car stand in the way of bringing such a treasure home to his Mom!

The door is not finished. I have plans to hang some things inside of it.

But, this morning was a great morning...with the rain; to look at the door...and let my eyes rain down my face.

Tears...I believe God gives release our pain.

I miss my boy. 

This holiday season has been harder than in past years.


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