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Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Happy Heavenly Birthday!

by Julie Brooks (originally from 10/23/21 Instagram Post)

                        It is so hard to believe

this sweet little Miracle named Carson

would be turning thirty today.

This week has been filled with memories from his birth, his growing up and so many other details

from the short years God leant him to us.

Suicide changes everything...

We love and miss you dearly, Carson! 💗


  1. I hope you feel the peace of God's presence today. We lost our twin sons to early infant death and their 30th birthday was a tough one for me. Different circumstances but still part of the club that no one wants to belong to; those who have had to bury children. I'm so sorry your son was hurting so much, he saw no other way to end the pain. I live like that. The meds only keep me here, fighting to not leave that legacy to my grown kids and my great-nieces & nephews. It is hard to understand the chemical fight inside my brain.
    I pray that your sweet memories have been a balm to your souls today.
    We'll meet someday... by & by. ♥